Suddenly into a big shock! What if I had given up?

Indeed life is full of surprises. sometimes UN-expected things happen with us and we get into a sudden shock.

In April 2018 I had rolled in for an IATA course at NHI. It was a 6 months course. And the first day of my course I was extremely excited to meet my new fellow mates. To my surprise they all were quite younger than me. And I was wondering ” will i fit in with them?”

But then my unforgettable journey started with all wonderful 10 energetic souls. The best thing which happened to me was to meet the best mentor I ever had in my entire life Ms Ayesha. Her presence used to fill light in our lives.

After completing 5 successful months by acquiring 3 Best student of the month certificates, I felt I was unstoppable. Then in the month of July 2018 I had to pay a short visit to India along with my husband, and I was supposed to return back to Oman within just 3 days.

Just the day before I had to return back to Oman I slipped very badly in my house, and my right hand wrist got fractured and the same day I had to undergo a surgery. Within just few hours my life had changed. I felt as if my dreams had shattered.

But the next day when I returned home, I questioned myself, ” are you going to give up so easily shazia?” Indeed that would never happen. only one month was left for my final exam of IATA, and my hand plaster could be only removed after 6 weeks of the surgery.

I requested my husband to give me a pen and a paper. At first he thought I had taken a troll over my mind, as my right hand was fractured how would I write? I didn’t tell him anything at that point.

For the first time I held the pen in my left hand, and slowly began to write. At first it was quite difficult and almost seemed impossible, but I did it. Within one week I learnt to write with my left hand. My strong determination and willpower shocked everyone around me.

This made me realize that our main power is not in our hands or legs, but it is in our mind. when we say to ourselves that we can do it, then we have already won half of the race. off-course I couldn’t write as fast as I could do with my right hand , but I managed to make neat notes for myself as I never liked to feel a burden on anyone.

And finally the day came when I finished my course, and my mentor had appointed an angle in disguise to help write my final test, as with the left hand I wouldn’t finish within the fixed time period . And due to my strong will power and with the moral support of my husband, family and IATA friends I finally achieved my IATA certificate.

So to people who are reading my post right now, never ever give up in your life. Always remember one thing in life, if one hand is gone, Allah has given you another one, and God forbid not if you don’t have both the hands then Allah has given you two legs. So no matter what, always keep on moving never stop.

Coz if you become stagnant, then all your dreams and ambitions will take the shape of algae, and your soul will become contaminated.

Shazia Mohiddin.

Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

6 thoughts on “Suddenly into a big shock! What if I had given up?

  1. Wow !! Truly inspiring .I rmbr how difficult was tht time for u and how your belief and your determination has lead you to achieve the success. You have always been positive you have stayed up strong and you never gave up is what inspires us too.

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