Is it fair enough to judge a book by its cover?

There is a very famous quote by ― George Eliot, (The Mill on the Floss) which says “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

But in reality, most of us get attracted towards the outer appearance may it be any book, thing or any person. During the School days I used to always take a story book from the library by seeing the cover of the book. At that time the actual story never bothered me, I just took an attractive book. Many a times I didn’t even complete reading the book before giving it back to the library because the actualy story was never absorbed by my heart and mind.

As I grew up, the story of my life and of other people around me taught me the true lesson behind judging anything in life. My experiences taught me that everything that shines and sparkles is not gold, and if MONEY could buy happiness then all the billionaires in the world would be the happiest people on earth. But we all know that its not true at all.

I have seen people with millions in their bank accounts and are still unsatisfied. On the other hand I have seen people with very LIMITED RESOURCES but still are very happy, contended and thankful to Allah Almighty that they are still better off than many others around the world.

Even after holding a huge bank balance, many people still hesitate to help the needy. Most of the time people who help others are the ones who have been through the pain of being in difficulty , and even if they don’t have much to give they still go ahead and help others, with the belief that if you help the needy then Allah will bring ease for you.

I have come across few religious preachers. Before knowing them, I had made a perspective and had judged them for being the most pious people and thought that they would be the best men in the world, and the women of their house would be very lucky to have them. But as I got to know it turned out to be the opposite, and I realized that, by just showing off that you are a preacher and dressing up perfectly according to your religion does not give you a character certificate of being pious.

On the other hand I have known people not so religious or educated but the best in their moral, character and ethics, and have seen them giving a high level of respect to any woman they come across and keeping the women of their house like queens.

Just two days back I read a sad news about a young lady Dr. who committed suicide. The worst part was the comments which I heard and read about her. As her pics which were circulated in social media were in off shoulder tops and jeans, many people commented that she might have had many affairs, or she might have been a very open minded lady and might have done many wrong things against her religion. I agree that if we follow a particular religion we should follow their basic rules and norms. But only Allah knows what is hidden in our hearts, and that lady might have been very pious and pure at heart. Is it fair enough to do a character assassination of a woman if she is not in a proper dress? are all the women who are fully dressed the most pious women in this world? have they never committed any sins?

My only point is, we cannot judge any person on the basis of what they wear? how they look? how much bank balance they have? what level of degrees do they hold?

First of all we have no rights to judge anyone in this world as no one is perfect. Even if we do then we should judge them by their moral, character and the level of respect they give to others and how they treat others irrespective of which ever class they fall intobelong to.

Live your life in a way that when YOU DIE, people will remember you by YOUR GOOD CHARACTER and HOW GOOD YOU MADE THEM FEEL. Because in the END your bank balance or your degrees wont HELP you, but YOUR GOOD DEEDS WILL.

Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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