when is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?

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There is a very famous Quote by Epicurus, “Nothing is ENOUGH for the Man to whom ENOUGH is too little”. Whole life we are chasing behind our dreams our goals, our desires but have we ever questioned ourselves – when is Enough really Enough for us?”

Today while I was driving, and waiting for the signal to turn green, on the opposite side I saw my dream car MINI COOPER and went in the moment of efflorescence. But later with a slight grief in my heart I suddenly looked up in the sky and asked, “Oh Allah! when will my KIA SOUL turn into a Mini Cooper”? Then when I turned towards my left, I saw a man on a cycle drenched in sweat in the scorching heat of the Sun, with a wide smile adjusting his small headphones connected to his phone, probably listening to his favorite songs.

Until today I cannot forget his contended and grateful facial expressions. When ever I think of that moment I feel so blessed, and at the same time very ungrateful too. I thought, if tomorrow I get a Mini, then I might wish for a Lexus, then a Bentley , then a Royal Rolls Royce , and my desires might not end until I don’t learn “when is Enough really Enough for me”?

This incident reminded me of my late Father. Whole life I used to wonder how my Father (May his soul RIP) used to be always so calm and patient and wearing a smile on his face. In his entire life of 87 years, He had never purchased anything for-himself, My mother used to forcefully buy and give him when ever it was required. He had just one single pair of specks for 30 years until it broke and he had to buy another one. He only had one wrist watch , and when ever I used to ask him, “Baba all these years, you have been using just one watch why don’t you buy another one of a new design, aren’t you bored of it?” With a smile he replied , “The purpose of the watch is to show me the correct time, even if I buy 10 new designed watches they all will show me the same time, only the design & brand will be different, so will it be really worth it?” Then with a sarcastic look he questioned me “I am old and out of date too, so will you change me ?”

His approach towards life was the reason of the smile on his face, he knew what ENOUGH for him is and he was contended with it. He taught us the biggest lesson of life, “The more contended you are with the minimum you have, your life will be happier and it will effloresce with positivity and peace around you. So always keep less desires in life, otherwise you will never be in tranquility no matter even if you are a billionaire, it will always be less for you.

In the worry of tomorrow we lose our peace of today. So you should know your limits, know when to give, Know when to demand, Know when to say NO, and know when is ENOUGH.

This doesn’t mean that you just get stuck where you are in life and don’t move forward. One can achieve their goals by being contended and grateful with the blessings you have.

The greed and wanting of more and more will bring distress in our lives. Then, our grief will never end, and happiness will never stay with us.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe once Quoted , “Knowing is not Enough; we must apply. Willing is not Enough; we must do”.


Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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