A successful homemaker yet a motivator!

This is from a Proud homemaker.

I truly believe life doesn’t stop after becoming a homemaker. As a women God has gifted us a great quality of being multi-talented. At one time we play many roles successfully. From being a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, then finally a grand mother.

Many women spend their whole life behind their loved ones sacrificing all their desires. But I say, you should live little for yourself too. At the age of 60, I am sure you wouldn’t want to sit at your coffee table and think ” I wish I had done this”. so now is the time. what are you waiting for? it just takes a little effort from your side. Do what makes you happy, do what gives you pleasure. keep yourself busy, as there is a famous saying, ” an empty mind is devils workshop”.

All women out there, I want to tell you that, get up and re-live your ambitions, re-live your dreams. It is still not too late. Try to fill your bucket list, which still you have to fulfill.

Shazia Mohiddin.

Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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