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Do you know who is a leader? A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. This is a similar characteristics of an eagle. An Eagle makes its own way. During the rain an Eagle doesn’t stop flying nor fetches for a shelter, in fact it soars through…


I MAY NOT BE THERE YET. BUT I AM CLOSER THAN I WAS YESTERDAY! There is a famous quote by Robert Browning “A mans reach must extend beyond his grasp”. We sometimes wonder that why some people get everything very easily, and we have to strive even for small achievements, why? why? why? But we…

when is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?

There is a very famous Quote by Epicurus, “Nothing is ENOUGH for the Man to whom ENOUGH is too little”. Whole life we are chasing behind our dreams our goals, our desires but have we ever questioned ourselves – “when is Enough really Enough for us?” Today while I was driving, and waiting for the…

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