There is a famous quote by Robert Browning “A mans reach must extend beyond his grasp”. We sometimes wonder that why some people get everything very easily, and we have to strive even for small achievements, why? why? why? But we forget to see that who wins easily and reach out to their goal very quickly, in reality their reach is very small. If you haven’t reached or acquired your goal then Congratulations you are on the path of greater success. The more intense the struggle is, the more tranquil the win will be.

People who never experienced failure or a fall might not be knowing how to get up and fight to win. Here I would share a small story with you. There were two brothers, William & Harry. Both possessed different personalities & nature in short totally opposites of each-other. William was a grabber and always wanted to win and be the best, and very quick in making decisions. On the other hand Harry was very down to earth and wasn’t very ambitious. He was very social, Friendly and helpful to others, and very thoughtful for any decision.

Harry faced many failures & challenges but never gave up, he kept striving hard. He didn’t have a clear vision of what he actually wanted to become in life, but he kept moving ahead slowly even if it was just a step and he would not leave any small chance to move forward.

William was very rich as he earned a lot through stock market . One day the market crashed down and William suddenly came into a shock. He didn’t know how to move forward as previously he had never experienced any failure or a set back. He couldn’t deal with the situation and took his own life.

The crashed market didn’t bring any significant change in Harry’s life as he was self sufficient, he wasn’t very rich like William but was contended of what he had. The strict and hard realities of life had made him mentally, emotionally and physically strong. He was ready to face any challenges in life. He believed in moving further in life even if it was slow. Slow and steady are always winners in the end. We all must have read the story of the ” RABBIT and the TORTOISE”.

Right now if you are stuck in your life, and you feel you have become stagnant, just broaden up your vision. If you just focus on one issue or one problem then you miss out on other broader opportunities surrounding you. SO kick start yourself a little harder and move on.

STOP LOOKING and START SEEING. Stop straining in the DARK and try to search for the ray of LIGHT. Start watching by your ears & listening with your eyes.

Trees like PINE trees or OAK trees make me believe that ” slow & steady wins the race”. These trees grow very slow but stay for many years, they are deep rooted with strong trunk which holds them firmly onto the soil. They can face many storms & turbulence and still survive for long.

Whereas the CLIMBERS like money plant and CREEPERS like pumpkin make me believe that ” fast and furious do not last for long”. They grow very fast, can’t stand ERECT as their stem is very thin, soft & weak and DIE faster. These climbers cannot survive any storms or turbulence as they are not strong enough.

KEEP your life and Mind clean and clear as your mirror.. because if not then you will have a blurred vision for rest of your life.

The main reason of sorrow in our lives is due to lack of gratitude. In the end all that matters is – To what we say YES to,To what we say NO to, and how we invest our time INTO.

Bruce Lee once said, “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity”. So where do you stand in life? slow, steady & ready to win OR Fast furious & ready to stumble.


Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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