You are married, you have a kid you cannot study, now its too late! what if I really believed that?

This world is quite strange at times. Especially when we want to achieve something or try to fulfill our dreams, people and situations all surround us and make us believe that we cannot do it. And this is the time we should push ourselves out and listen to our heart.

Acquiring, an MBA degree at the age of 37and being a wife and a mother was quite challenging, but in the end I did it. I always had the wish to do MBA and to my surprise my husband enrolled me and himself for MBA. From being my wish it became our couple goal.

But to fulfill our dreams we didn’t ignore our responsibilities, taking care of everything around us we completed our MBA degree. At that moment I was so proud of ourselves. Our parents and our family were very happy for us but one person who was the most excited and proud of us was our Daughter.

There is no age limit for acquiring knowledge or achieving our goals in life. The only important thing is we should not become stagnant in life. Even a small step towards your success counts.

It is our duty to take care of our family and loved ones, but it is also our duty to live our dreams too. Our destiny as women is not only just confined to the house or to the kitchen, it is much more.

So, all the women who are reading my post right now, just remember it is never too late until your last breadth!!


The storm within me will one day come out.

The world which rejects me now will one day sprout.

My dreams are too big and much beyond their expectations.

Yes I will be there one day, much beyond their reach! Don’t be fooled oh! people these are not my hallucinations.

They are scared of the storm inside me, as they know I am meant for something big.

I will reach up there, I know oh God! You are waiting for the right time to pull the trig.

What is today tomorrow won’t be the same.

I am a fighter; I will ATTAIN a big fame.

I am a ready cloud which will burst with rain soon.

Thunder and strong winds are yet to come to make me rain, and then will come out a shining moon.

The harder you tried to crush me, push me, break me, much stronger I became.

So now be ready for your steady defame.

Written by, Shazia Ghulam Mohiddin                                    

Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

One thought on “You are married, you have a kid you cannot study, now its too late! what if I really believed that?

  1. Super shazia you always power full great motivation women have read this never late everyday sunrise new day new challenge and accept all challenges.

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