Be the artist of your-life. Don’t give the pencil to anyone else!

It is quite strange that some people, when they look at someone very successful in their particular career or life, start envying them and wonder why they are so successful and why we are not?

But what we don’t know is to reach to that level of success, what all obstacles they might have crossed? what hindrances they might have faced? what all sacrifices they might have made? and most important of all how many times they might have failed? how many times they might have fallen down and then got up and gave a tough fight back. Many successful stories have many hidden failures.

So never be afraid of failures in life. To achieve your goals is not easy. To live up to your dreams is not easy, but giving up on your ambitions and your dreams is not acceptable at all.

Even if you are late in achieving your ambition, don’t ever give up. As you never know what next minute will bring in for you. Many times we focus on certain things in life, we feel that is the best for us, we work day and night to achieve it, but we end up doing what destiny has written for us. As some of us take little more time to realize and figure out their hidden talents. So never stop exploring yourself.

All those successful people who are your role models, they reached to that level because they were the artist of their lives. They did not give their pencil to someone else to sketch their life. They held the pencil tight with their fingers and drew their picture themselves, filled the colors of their choice in it, and created their own masterpiece.

Always be like a RIVER in your life, as a river always flows ahead. It just moves forward in one direction because it knows where it has to reach and which path it has to follow. Focus on your inner-voice and at times follow and feel your sixth sense too which never lies.

Shazia Mohiddin.

Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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