The undercover mom!

Like an undercover agent solves a criminal mystery with his/ hers secret talents, without making the criminal realize that he is being watched, we MOMS are no less. An angle in disguise. A mother has 10 hands at a time. which of, two are just visible and others are the invisible powers of a mother.

mommmyyyyyy I cant find my crystal ball, I kept it here last night”. Screamed her daughter! There goes Mommy with a torch in her hand to look for it under the bed. Ohhhhhh! Good news mommy is a detective too!

” I am hungrrrrryyyyy, I need an evening snack right now mommy.” and she runs to the kitchen and makes her favorite cucumber cheese sandwich. Mommy is a quick chef too.

” Honey! need to buy a new GSM, are we good enough to buy it this month?” well mommy is a responsible wife and a finance manager too.

” I am sneezing and coughing too, could you get the medicines from the pharmacy, and check my temperature also,” said the mother in law. A mom, wife & a daughter in-law when necessary becomes a doctor and nurse too.

oohhhh nooo! The water is leaking from the pipe”. get me the tool box, said mommy. she is a plumber too.

” Exams are coming up, and the story telling competition too”. and now in this Covid-19 pandemic all moms are full time teachers too.

” The laundry basket is full, don’t forget to wash the clothes tonight”. said dear hubby. well she is a laundry man too!

mommmyyy, getting late for school lets go”. A mommy is a driver too.

And at times, we also have to sneak in their rooms secretly just to keep a check on them without them knowing about it. Just like a secret agent .

These are just small trailers of showing what all a women does in a single day, everyday. AS THE LIST IS MUCH MORE LONGER.

But the best part is, she does this all for you, without being paid for. Without thinking about her self. Being selfless for you.

In return she doesn’t expect to get any salary , but just thrives for your LOVE, ATTENTION, CARE & APPRECIATION.

I Proudly say that I am an UNDER-COVER MOM , so are YOU one of them too?


Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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