The Sun is scorching hot but I can still hold it!

There right ahead I see water, I want to touch it, I want to play with it. But as I approach close to it, it runs away from me. It’s unreachable, but I am still chasing it. The more far it gets away from me, the more I am running behind it. Oh! I get it now, its a MIRAGE!

Sometimes in our lives we face same situations. We see our dreams, our goals right in front of us, and when we feel we are so close to it and the more we chase it, it gets just more distant from us. And how much ever we try to get to it it just seems impossible.

The present day situation due to covid-19 has got many sudden storms in many lives. Many billionaires have become poor and many poor have become more poor. This virus has taught us one very important thing in life, that nothing is permanent. Nothing will stay with you forever. And people who used to run behind money and fame are left with nothing now. So never ever look down upon anyone in your life, Coz you never know they might be the ones helping YOU right now.

The only people who are still standing upright in this tough phase are the ones who had fought every obstacle, those who had crossed many tornadoes in their lives.This lock-down has made most of us more close to their loved ones. And how much ever we tried to escape and ignore our loved ones, our families in the due race of making careers and better future, spending more time with friends, this quarantine has taught us all that the true strength lies with the togetherness of our loved ones. As they are our true well wishers, and currently they are the ones who are together in our difficult times.

At present our lives are surrounded with scorching heat of the sun, we are buried under huge failures, and the feeling of knowing that to get back to our normal lives might even take a decade, but from far away, when I see the scorching hot sun from my palm, I can still hold it. No matter how big is the problem, we win half the battle when we think that we will handle it and keep the faith in GOD.

Same way our lives might be surrounded with millions of problems which might burn us out by end of the day, but the spirit of keeping yourself going, and holding your life along with the problems and trusting yourself that you will control your life and stay strong, makes you UNDEFEATED and UNBREAKABLE.

Just remember one thing in life,



Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

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