Our Secret Boosters!!

Life is very strange sometimes. And even gets more strange when suddenly sometimes we bump into people, who are completely strange to us, and yet they give us the most important lessons in our life.

Now it is the ERA of social media and internet, and many a times we come across certain articles written by someone, which instantly inspires us, or we come across certain videos which motivates us. May be at that point of time we don’t follow it or even think about it, but its always registered in our hard disk which is our brain off-course !

So if ever we come across any situation related to that article or video it rings a bell in our mind and we calm down a little bit, and gasp a deep breath and start believing that all will be fine, as those words will be constantly ringing in your mind. So this is ONE OF OUR SECRET BOOSTERS.

Our family and friends also play a very important role in our lives. And we always know that, if anything goes wrong they are there to help us & guide us. They also become our BOOSTERS, But sometimes certain situations arise where we are far away from them, and cant reach to them at the time of difficulty. Sometimes certain things we might not be able to share , as we might be worried for being judged wrong, so here our SECRET BOOSTERS play an important role in our lives.

At times we meet few people, whom we never met before, may be in any gathering, school, office, hospitals, shopping mall etc, or maybe through your common friend. Infact it could be anywhere under any situation.

Has it ever happened to you, that you are suddenly into a big trouble and this person whom you have just met, comes up for your help, out of nowhere, and you are just stunned or amazed by the magic of God as how HE has well planned before testing us. Many a times it might not be any physical help, or monetary help, but even few words like ” don’t worry, God is there, and you have kept strong all this long you can still make it”. And even just by asking ” how are you doing today?” and if that person himself has gone through a tough life and lots of pain, he/she will understand even your silence. They will help you without expecting anything in return. They give us another direction of life, AND INDEED BECOME OUR SECRET BOOSTERS. If YOU have any such booster in life then YOU are the luckiest person on earth. As of the world now, nothing comes for free, not even a single drop of water, so such PEOPLE ARE INDEED PRICELESS.

It also happens that when we are taking steps towards our dreams, our passion, and trying really hard to get where we want to be in life, we get lot of hurdles in our path along with many negative people. Here we got to be little clever as some of them try to push us down by discouraging us and creating situations for us which indirectly stop us from being what we want to be. So if you are WEAK minded and you believe them when they say you are not good enough or there is nothing special in you, then you stay where you are in life and at times some people go into so deep depression that they commit suicide. How can we give anyone else the chance to tell us what we are and what we can do? and make their presence so influential in our life.

But if we get clever, we should take such negative people as BOOSTERS in our life. when they try to make you feel that you are not worth it, just GET UP & PUSH yourself to the maximum extent and shine so bright that they can never reach up-to your level. when they tell you you cant do it, do the same thing in a better way and show to them. In the END when you WILL WIN don’t forget to thank them for being your BOOSTER.

So if you have a SECRET BOOSTER in your life don’t forget to thank them, for being with you in your difficult times, as life is very short. we keep thinking about them, we keep telling ourselves that we will thank them one day, but we never know if that would be our last day or their last day. IF you are reading this right now, then just thank them just to bring a smile on their face.

Would you want to be a SECRET BOOSTER for someone and bring a change in their life, then don’t think twice just go and do it.


Published by Shazia Mohiddin

A homemaker yet a motivator. A living example of determination and will power.

3 thoughts on “Our Secret Boosters!!

  1. In everyone’s life there is someone who is a booster to for that person. You are so right. May you acquire more success on your blogs. Way to go girl


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